Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management is challenging, especially in larger organizations. New opportunities are continuously emerging, innovation drives success and the pace is normally high to keep ahead of your competition. To succeed you need one coherent platform for developing applications or products that supports your efforts, makes your work more efficient and cost effective. You also need to cover the maintenance and management/operations, customer relationship and support aspects of the lifecycle to truly deliver great value to your customers.

So connect your entire organization with VisionFlow. It provides a complete platform for the development lifecycle of your applications/software/products, and covers all key areas: project management, product/release planning, requirement management, task/activity management, bug/defect tracking, test management, change and configuration management, build and more.

How can it be used?

  • Idea, requirement and feature management
  • Requirement management
  • Project planning and software road mapping
  • Service and application management
  • Bug/issue/task tracking
  • Test management
  • Source code integration
  • Build management
  • Configuration management
  • Customer management
  • Contract management (software and service contracts)

What results can you expect?

  • Projects delivered on time and on budget
  • Easier to manage teams that are geographically distributed
  • Keeping track of artefacts such as releases and builds
  • Improved efficiency of managing change requests and follow them through to completion
  • Efficient discussions with customers and stakeholders with complete traceability
  • Improved communication between teams, such as between support, maintenance and development teams
  • Problem-free sharing of planned releases and software roadmap to customers and colleagues
  • Improved customer satisfaction