About us

Visionera is an innovative software company that develops business support systems for all types of industries. We have extensive experience in helping customers to streamline internal processes with different forms of IT products, support and consulting services. We are now a leader in cloud based services, but also provides server installed licenses and consulting services in connection with our service and product portfolio.

Visionera was founded in 2001 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why choose us?

We are fast, flexible and care about our customers

No hidden fees or unnecessarily expensive support costs

Offer help in configuring the system to your needs

We aim for long-term relationships with our customers

Customers about


”We've been very satisfied with the system, and the best part is how easy it is to use. It's easy to build rules, to send emails and follow a case all the way from start to finish. My favorite feature is the search capabilities, and also that it is so easy to decide what should happen with a case at a certain point in time, for example in 3 days. It's smooth! And the possibility to send emails directly from the system is unbeatable!"

Malin Barkdal, Coor

"VisionFlow is perfect for us. It is easy to work with, you can quickly get started and continue working. A very good tool for us. We are very pleased with Visionera too! And the best thing is the support! You get quick and clear answers, which is very important to us. The dialogue is very simple and good."

Martin Epel, Aleris

"To operate a support department without a good support tool was not easy. All incoming cases and issues were handled via email. And as music consumption has changed with the digitalization, issues and demand for support to the rights-holders and customers have increased significantly over the last few years. But since we started working in VisionFlow and got control over everything, it just feels too good to be true."

Robert Gehring, Stim

"Traceability in VisionFlow is very good and we get a clear and detailed picture of how customer flows are linked from quotation to delivery projects and development. It is important to have this information when we support the customers. Time reporting is also registered in the system and therefore we can analyse the project and customer profitability, see our resources plus HR receive proper documentation for payroll. We get a reliable financial control that we are fully dependent on. The system is highly critical for our business."

Erik Sandström, Polystar

Come work with us!

At Visionera we have high goals and big hearts. We believe in working hard, have fun and spread warmth. With us you are always close to a decision and we always have great things going on. If you like an environment filled with innovation, energy and challenges Visionera is the place for you. Are you as well smart and humble?  Please, contact us.  We are constantly looking for talented people.

Open positions

Senior Java Developer

We know that you are out there, our new sharp Senior Java Developer working both with front-end and back-end. Apart from that you are a great team player, you also know agile development technology well, can support your developer colleagues and contribute with technical expertise.  You are not afraid to do hands-on Java development as you are directly involved in the development of our products and the design of new components and modules.  Are you a cheerful person and enjoy working in a small business, contact us.

Meet some of our colleagues

_I8A0291_Tomas Ärlemo_porträtt färg_900px


Support and Usability

What made you want to work at Visionera?

The energy. I like it when a lot is going on. Visionera's products are also perfect for what I am passionate about, to ensure that peoples working life worldwide gets easier with IT.

What is a working day like for you?

It is very diverse. I fill my day with customer support, follow up feature requests from our customers and I also work with product development.

What is the best part of your job?

The variety of tasks and the variety of industries that our clients work in. I need to think a little extra to make sure we offer the right functionality. And to work with my colleagues, as we all have such different backgrounds and that makes us a great team.

_I8A0188_Tomas Ärlemo_porträtt färg_900px


Customer Success Coordinator

What made you want to work at Visionera?

I wanted to work at a company with exciting products, and passionate colleagues. I really like Visionera's environment where there is always something new going on. You need to keep up here!

What is a working day like for you?

It's rarely the same, since I work with very different customers. They are from different countries and use our system in different ways. For the most part I work with new costumers, helping them to get acquainted with the products and staying satisfied throughout the process.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of the job is that I learn something new about our customers needs every day. It's also a privilege working so close to my proficient colleagues!


Lead Developer

What made you want to work at Visionera?

When I first started at Visionera I wanted to learn how to develop web applications in Java. Now I work as a full stack developer with both front end and back end development. Since we work daily with lots of different technologies, it just never gets boring.

What is a working day like for you?

As a developer at Visionera you will obviously work with development most of the time but we must also help with support and investigate tricky problems reported by our customers. I also support and help the more junior developers.

What is the best part of your job?

Fun colleagues and I get to participate in making our products become the best on the market.