Customer story – Polystar


Polystar and the journey towards one system

Operating in a highly competitive industry, requires consistency and order in all parts of a business. Erik Sandström, Senior System Specialist at Polystar, is responsible for the special systems the company needs for its business and services. One of the systems is VisionFlow which gives Polystar a clear picture of quotations, delivery projects, development and support.

Polystar is a Swedish high-tech company that operates globally. Erik Sandström adds."We have many different services, but briefly, the focus is to passively collect signaling data from the network and provide tools to analyze the data. We also work with active test equipment for operators' networks. And we work with all types of telephony: fixed, mobile and IP."

New support system

In 2009 Polystar took a decision to introduce a new support system. The background was an untenable situation with the system Polystar used back then. It was cumbersome, difficult to integrate and it couldn’t deliver reliable reports and documentation. The link between support issues, developments and projects wasn’t visual for the Support Department. The great demand for a smart case management system with effective follow-up and system support for project management led them to VisionFlow.

One system

"Today, virtually everyone works in VisionFlow. We started with the Support Department and seeing the potential have later increased our use of the system to other departments in the company." All quotes are handled in VisionFlow. Once an offer has been accepted, a delivery project is created based on the content of the offer. The common thread continues with the customer requirements that may arise after delivery. They are linked to the customer delivery projects and the link remains even if the request ends up in the development team.

Polystar also offer their customers a support portal in VisionFlow. The Customer Access Portal gives the customers access to see cases, log files and communicate with the support department.

"Traceability in VisionFlow is very good and we get a clear and detailed picture of how customer flows are linked from quotation to delivery projects and development. It is important to have this information when we support the customers. Time reporting is also registered in the system and therefore we can analyse the project and customer profitability, see our resources plus HR receive proper documentation for payroll. We get a reliable financial control that we are fully dependent on. The system is highly critical for our business."