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How SKF gets their global support to spin

 "We are everywhere, from space down to the mines, says Armin Saracevic, laughing. "Everything that spins have bearings in it. Hair dryer, phone, cars, drills." Armin is a project manager at the world's largest producer of bearings, SKF, a company that has driven industrialization forward for more than 100 years.

Armin works at the department that supports all the systems related to internal and external communication. The dragon in bearings has 40,000 employees located worldwide in all time zones. "We are responsible for five systems which handle information in different ways, texts to be published on our website, digital drawings and pictures to be made available, handling of texts for the marketing department and information to our Intranet. If you have problems with some of these systems, you submit your question to our support."

From multiple support addresses to one

Armin and his colleagues handle many support requests per day. VisionFlow is their tool to easily sort, manage and monitor all issues. They close about 5500 issues per year and Armin says that it is thanks to VisionFlow they can handle that amount. "For about five years ago we had one support address for each system we supported. It was inefficient for us and our users. The everlasting question for our users was, what address should I use? It was difficult to follow up and get a good overview of the current situation." After a tip from the company Evry, themselves using VisionFlow, SKF also implemented the system.

"Thanks to VisionFlow we now have removed a burden from our users. There is only one address, end of discussion. Our support is geographically dispersed in different time zones and this requires proper conditions to be able to work as a team. VisionFlow, our common system, is today the foundation for our collaboration to work, as great as it really does today."