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“We must keep up with digitalization and customize several aspects of the business”

"To operate a support department without a good support tool was not easy" says Robert Gehring, head of Stim Member, Publishing and Customer Service. "All incoming cases and issues were handled via email. And as music consumption has changed with the digitalization, issues and demand for support to the rights-holders and customers have increased significantly over the last few years. But since we started working in VisionFlow and got control over everything, it just feels too good to be true".

Stim, the Swedish Copyrights Organization is an international society of songwriters and music publishers. Stim has more than 80,000 songwriters, composers, text writers and publishers around the world associated with it and ensures that their members get paid when their music is played by others.

How has digitalization affected your work at the support department?

Information management is more complex today, and we just get more and more questions that we need to handle. Also, technology has evolved from selling CDs, something that is very concrete, to stream music online. That in itself makes us receive large amounts of data from various players that show where, when and how music is streamed. Based on that, we must invoice accurately and pay proper compensation to the copyright holder. We must go along with the digitalization and customize several aspects of the business so that we can deal with all the data and information we receive. A new system for our support department is a part of that development.

The service department has daily contact with a number of people. Customer Service answers questions from the companies which pay to use music; Member Services help copyright holders, songwriters and text authors, while Publisher Service provides service to the various music publishers. In 2015, working with only email made our work kind of unsustainable. When any incoming issue should have been moved to second line support, it was just the email which was forwarded. And after it was sent, the control was lost. It was difficult to follow the issue, to know who was responsible and who had a dialogue with whom. 

What were your thoughts when you were looking for a system?

Support Users today demand more transparency, they want to know the current status of their issues at any given time. Therefore, it was important for us to have a case management system that makes it easy for us to communicate with people using different channels, both internally and externally. It was also important that the system could be easily integrated with our two existing CRM systems. We were looking for a new system for a long time until we found VisionFlow, and we quickly felt that it was the right choice for us. 

Why did you choose VisionFlow?

VisionFlow meets our requirements and more. The traceability in the tool is great, we can follow every task, irrespective of the owner and status. The idea is that everyone at Stim will work in VisionFlow and to collect all information in one central system. We work more with virtual teams now which has streamlined our approach. Using VisionFlow is just as easy as working with normal email accounts. It's just a few extra things to consider in order for us to get what we want from the system. 

We also see the advantage of using VisionFlow for our corporate and business development teams. We can get quality data and reports quickly and easily from the system and we can improve the quality of our business decisions.  

You told me it was important to be able to communicate in different ways. How does VisionFlow make that possible?

Several departments are linked to VisionFlow and have now received a common area to share information. We can help each other in a completely different way. We also have a plan to use VisionFlow to implement a portal for customers and members on our website, "My pages". Our contacts will be able to follow all their issues and contact us. My ideal scenario is that the dialogue and the information will be completely transparent via VisionFlow. That also puts pressure on us to handle issues more quickly and to be clear in our communication.

Last question, Robert, what is your favorite feature in VisionFlow?

The ability to quickly view trends related to our issues, especially when it peaks.

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