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Wexnet grows with VisionFlow

Wexnet AB is an ever-growing company that offers its customers services in IT communication (Internet, TV, Telephony) in its own open fiber network. The business is primarily centered in the municipality of Växjö, Sweden and around it. Visionera is honored that Wexnet chose VisionFlow as its new business support system in the toughest possible competition.

We asked Wexnet a few questions on what they think about VisionFlow and Visionera now when they have VisionFlow up and running in their business and when they also plan to expand its implementation more than it was originally planned.

1. What do you think is the best thing about Visionera (the company) and VisionFlow (the tool)?
“I see Visionera as a company that cares about its customers and also has a good understanding of our needs. VisionFlow feels very well developed for our needs and easy to get started with. It did not require much adaption before we were up and running,” says Mats Brynolf, section manager for the operations department.

“When I think of Visionera, I see a company that is professional and serious. VisionFlow is mainly characterized by the fact that the workflow is so well-thought-out and good which is important for us,” says Henrik Karlsson, system owner for VisionFlow.

“The best function is the issue tracking/base module itself, which is essential to us and how it meets our needs,” says Mats, adding “I appreciated that the start-up was done in an agile workshop form which suited us very well. But in the overall perspective the best thing about VisionFlow is its flexibility! There are very few things that cannot be solved.”

"I think the best function in VisionFlow is the product catalogue that is central for us in our business," says Henrik.
The product catalogue is the part of the system that contains the product catalogue / CMDBn of all Wexnet's products and services. It is also used as a property register where you can visually see all customers, services they have purchased and which facilities are located on a map in the system.

2. If Visionera / VisionFlow was an animal, what animal would it be?
"Obviously a chameleon, because it is so customizable," says Mats.

“Rather a bear (Visionera) and an octopus (VisionFlow), because the bear is kind but strong and because the octopus can coordinate many activities simultaneously from one brain. VisionFlow helps all our departments, doesn't forget anything and coordinates all activities in the right order," says Henrik.

Several of Wexnet's departments are already up and running with VisionFlow and other parts of the organization will soon start the implementation.
We at Visionera are looking forward to 2020 together with Wexnet!