Issue and case tracking

You can manage all kinds of issues in VisionFlow; tasks, bugs, requirements, support issues, enhancement requests, you name it. Since you can choose to create any kind of issues, you can also name set according to your own terminology.

Create issues via email

It is easy to configure VisionFlow to monitor your email accounts. Every email sent to your email account will end up as an issue in VisionFlow. You can also use the integrated spam filter to filter out the unwanted emails. Along with the escalation feature you will never miss a customer email again. This also enables you to easy communicate with the user and all communication is logged to the issue.

Issue lists

In the Issues tab you can show your issues in different views; Table view, Gantt view, Kanban board or Calendar view. You can easily filter out and see any information you want by clicking the column or grouping the information and also exporting in the format that suits you the best. As a lot of things in VisionFlow, what columns you wish to see is customizable. Save different kinds of column view configuration to be able to have multiple views in your projects.



You can organize your issues to have parent-child relationships. Configure VisionFlow so the sum of estimated time, remaining time, actual time, billing amount and cost amount “bubbles-up” from the children up to the parents. In the detailed issue page you can also get a good overview of the sub-issues and their progress. You can easily change the order of the issues by moving them up and down with the arrows.

Issue links

To link and create relationships between different issues you add issue links. Issue links can be used in several ways. One way is merely informative, to exchange information between issues. Other ways are for example used in flow control, where you can control what issues need to be finished before another issue can start.

To get a great overview over all linked issues there is a link icon shown in the issue list. To see all incidents linked to a certain problem is very useful in many scenarios, such as for incident and problem management. The link shows all copies of issues that have been made to other projects and in what way information are copied between the issues.