Configuration management database (CMDB)

Define, categorize and manage information related to your configuration items (CI), products, services, components and other type of assets in your organization with a product tree.  Keep track of information and issues related to them. You can think of the product tree as your catalog or database with all your products, applications and assets. Like other things in VisionFlow you can change the terminology for products to match what suits your organization best, such as services, assets, systems, components or other things.

Any type of object

The CI’s in the tree can be any type of object that you want  to keep track of, see some examples below:

  • IT Products
  • IT services
  • Business services
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Physical assets
  • Locations/sites
  • Categories
  • Release
  • etc.


The CMDB  will make it possible for you to :

  • Create a logical breakdown structure of your products and services
  • Store important information related to your products, services and components in one central place
  • Track the statuses of your products and services and components
  • Plan work, features and improvements related to your products and components
  • Quickly get an overview of the incidents or change requests reported on your different products, services, components
  • Make it easy for users and customers to report incidents on your products, services and components
  • Easily get an overview of all planned tasks and features for your products
  • Keep track of which customers use a product or service, and also keep track of any Service Level Agreements related to this