Dynamic chat rooms

Dynamic chat rooms can be created for specific users, user groups or companies. With dynamic chat rooms you can now communicate easy with everyone in your organization.


Click on the chat in the list to open the chat room. If you have permission to edit or delete the chat rooms, those icons will be shown.

If you have permission to create chat rooms, you’ll see a button “Add chat room” in the main Chat tab. Clicking on it opens a dialog where you can enter the name of the chat room and the permission for it. These permission options are available:

  • Public – The chat is available to all.
  • Private – Clicking on this opens the access control section on the dialog. The access lists individual users, User groups and Companies. You can add and remove these users, groups, companies by clicking on the respective buttons.
  • Move users, groups, companies between the Available and Selected sections by using the buttons, or by drag and drop.