Dynamic Timeline/Gantt, Kanban and Planning boards

The planning board is an issue and task view that enables you to schedule and prioritize issues very easily using drag and drop.

  • Change the rank of the issues directly in the table list by dragging and dropping them verticle in the table
  • Plan an issue for a specific iteration or sprint by clicking and draging it to one of the iterations or sprints on the right hand side
  • See the capacity of your team and the current work load directly on the iterations or sprints
  • Right click on an issue and change any data on it using the context menu
  • Edit Estimated time and Remaining time directly in the  Planning board


Visualize your current process on a virtual Kanban board. Flexible board configuration, task cards and overview of the whole project lets you notice problems on time and make necessary changes to improve.



A Gantt chart is a timeline view that makes it easy to see how a project is tracking. You can visualize project tasks and see how they relate to each other as projects progress over time.