To create a chat on an issue is very useful if you want to discuss something about that certain issue. The discussion is preserved in the issue history. Involve one or multiple users, as you prefer.


Open the issue chat

  • Chat icon in the Edit issue page. This is in the top of the page, just above the title. Click this, and the issue chat sub-tab will open in the Chat tab.
  • Issue context menu – Chat. The issue context menu is available everywhere where there are lists of issues. Right click on an issue to open the context menu and select Chat. This opens the issue chat sub-tab in the Chat tab.

Issue chat window

This looks very much like the other chats, except for one thing: The Users list to the right is divided into two sections:

  • Issue section. The title of this panel is the issue key. This section shows all users in the issue chat for that issue.
  • Users section. This section looks like the ordinary Users section, showing all users. There is one difference – in the user context menu, you have the additional option to invite an online user to the issue chat you’re in. “Invite to Test-123”, for example, if the issue key is Test-123.

The chat messages are added to the Issue history log and counts as comments to the issue, so they can be filtered by “View: comments only” in the issue history header.