The powerful search capabilities along with issue filters gives you the necessary tools for finding specific issues and working with issue lists.

Finding issues

In the top-menu you can always perform a Quick search on Title, Description, Solution, Issue key, Issue history and Issue Tags. To make it even better, you can make a free text search in all documents that you have in the system. This makes it really easy to find the appropriate document. The Quick search is performed in a dialog without moving from your current page. You can export the search result to its own tab, if you need to do further work on it.


The Search page is the place for powerful searches. Search on everything that belongs to an issue. Sort to your liking and choose presentation of the search result, which can be exported or printed as needed. You can also save searches and they will then be available in the Searches sub-tab in the left navigation panel, or even as filters in the Issues page. The way to add a search is designed to be easy but yet very powerful, with possibilities to use AND/OR in different combinations.


Issue filters

The Search page is also the place where you configure if a saved search should be used as an issue filter and/or be displayed in the Searches tab to the left. You can let a filter be public, private or limit the access to a specific group. You can even let VisionFlow email you search results periodically.


Search portlets

Results of a Saved Search can be presented in a portlet in the Dashboard page. This is very useful if it is a search you want to do very often.