Ticket system

The E-mail ticket system gives you the ability to configure a project to create issues and issue comment based on incoming e-mails. This is especially useful in support and help desk scenarios where you have a dedicated e-mail address for support issues, or by having a mailbox for bug-reporting, feature requests and so on. For example, it is common to use email addresses like support@company.com, info@company.com , sales@company.com, and similar for the ticket system.  The support users might be customers, end-users, or anyone who want to know more about your products or services.

How it works

  1. A support user sends a message to your support e-mail
  2. VisionFlow checks your mailbox
  3. If a new message is found VisionFlow either creates a new issue or adds a comment to an existing issue
  4. If desired, VisionFlow sends an automatic reply to the support user
  5. Once the message is in VisionFlow it is just like a normal VisionFlow issue that you can schedule and prioritize.
  6. You can at any time send a reply to the support user, perhaps to request more information.
  7. If the support user responds to your reply, a comment will be added to the existing issue instead of creating a new issue.
  8. A complete history of the correspondence will always be kept and a support user will never see comments on issues so you can have private communication about the issue in your team.

Scheduled reports

VisionFlow can periodically send a search result. You can for example let VisionFlow email you a list of issues that is “due in the next 24 hours” every Monday to Friday at 08:00.