Marketing internship or part time job

Are you studying marketing in Stockholm and need an internship and/or part time job? Read more about the role here (in Swedish).

Operations and Network Technician

We are looking for someone who enjoys being the specialist within both operations and network, and coming up with new creative solutions. You take responsibility for your work and are not afraid to take initiatives. For this role, we see someone who is sociable, a good communicator with both colleagues and customers. You will play an important role in the team, and there is always room for you to share your ideas on how the work and system can be improved!

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Senior Lead Developer

We are looking for a Senior Lead Developer to join our Stockholm team! This is an opportunity to work in a varied role with both frontend and backend, as well as supporting the other developers in their work by contributing with your expertise. In your role you will take part in further developing Visionera’s products and designing new components and modules.

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Junior tester to Visionera

Are you passionate about testing, and wish a varied work with different test cases from day to day? Now you have the chance! We are looking for a junior tester, who will have great opportunities for development. With us, the atmosphere is familiar and open to your thoughts and ideas. Our office is located at Odenplan, in central Stockholm.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Have an education in IT
  • Have experience of, and a great interest in, manual tests
  • Is fluent in Swedish and English in speech and writing, this is because both languages are used internally as well as with our customers

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Hi there, Janne!

You are the chairman of Visionera’s board, and you have recently started working with marketing as well. What made you take another step into the company?

- As a member of Visionera's board I have always had contact with Visionera's customers. Over the years, I have heard so much positive from satisfied customers so it felt natural to start working with sales. Very exciting things are happening and will happen with VisionFlow, and new products will be launched later this year. It is also a really great group of people working here, which is extremely important!

What have you done before?

- Before Visionera I worked with sales and marketing, as a management consultant and as a controller. Often in combination in different assignments or companies. Most recently, I came from a consulting and training company within IT Management consulting, which I co-founded just over 11 years ago. We had a collaboration with Visionera, and that was how I came in contact with Jonas who is the founder and CEO of Visionera.

What do you think distinguishes Visionera in the market?

- We own the product and the code, are subject to Swedish legislation and can quickly change the code and add functions without longer decision paths. Compared to others in the industry, I also think Visionera is very customer focused. The people in the company are very nice, which is important for customers as well as colleagues.

Your own favorite question - if your role in Visionera would be an animal, what would it be?

- Maybe like a dolphin? I try to be helpful, communicative, intelligent, honest and also enjoy surfing the waves in warmer latitudes. 🙂

Is VisionFlow GDPR compliant?

Of course it is! VisionFlow is a very secure system, and we take data privacy seriously. All emails sent out from the system are encrypted during data transfer, and VisionFlow provides the functionality so that you and your organization can ensure GDPR compliance.

You can find more information in our knowledge database.

Do you have any special GDPR-requests? Please let us know by sending an email to

”The best thing is the support!"

A few months ago the company Aleris bought in VisionFlow when they needed a new case management system. It was prior to the launch of the GDPR legislation in May that Aleris needed a solution, and they eventually chose VisionFlow.

Martin Epel is a system administrator at Aleris, with previous experience of several other similar tools. He is very pleased with the selection. “VisionFlow is perfect for us. It is easy to work with, you can quickly get started and continue working. A very good tool for us ”.

During the spring and fall Aleris has implemented the tool and let different parts of the organization start using the system. The next step is to introduce VisionFlow to the IT-department.

"We are very pleased with Visionera too!", Says Martin. "And the best thing is the support! You get quick and clear answers, which is very important to us. The dialogue is very simple and good. ”

When everything is implemented, Martin looks forward to bringing new system requests to Visionera. "We'll make sure Jonas and the others have a lot of stuff to bite into," he laughs.

Hi there Fredrik, our new salesman at Visionera

Great to have you with us! What expectations do you have on your new job?

- I think Visionera is in a very exciting phase, and I'm looking forward to contribute to the company's growth. I expect to receive the support I need in this role. It is really fun to work with a product as strong as VisionFlow!

Tell us a bit about your background?

- I have always worked with sales and IT, and for the past two years I have worked as Key Account Manager (KAM) at TeleComputing, which recently changed its name to Visolit. Before that, I was KAM and KAM-head at Informator Utbildning for eight years.

What relationship do you want with your customers?

- I am a happy and social person who thrives having a relaxed, yet professional, relationship with my customers. I want the customers to feel comfortable and see me not as primarily a seller, but as someone who can actually help them and their business.

Some of the changes in 2018

26th of January 2019

Last year was very productive and interesting for us, we made many improvements in VisionFlow and also in our organization. We actually made more than 600 improvements to our system spread out during the year, and below you can see some of the highlights.

We have:

  • started to implement the new user interface with the new framework. This is only visible in a few places currently but in 2019 we'll continue this work. For example, the new dashboard will be released shortly and it has been completely redesigned.
  • implemented a new and improved search engine that is much faster and more accurate than before, it also makes it possible for you to search in the content of your documents
  • a new and improved text editor which allows for copy-paste of images directly into the editor, among other things.
  • spent a lot of time making improvements and new features for the new GDPR-legislation.
  • improved the chat functionality in several areas, for example adding emojis. 😃
  • made a lot of changes to the product/service catalog (CMDB) and how it can be used in the system
  • improved the issue/case management functionality in the system in many areas such as new fields, usability, performance and configuration options
  • developed more functionality for billing and time-reporting
  • … and much more.

In addition to this we have done 124 releases in the cloud version and made 6 releases for the installed version!

For a more comprehensive list of changes please see our release news section in the knowledge base here.

A Voice from Coor

18th of December 2018

”We've been very satisfied with the system, and the best part is how easy it is to use. It's easy to build rules, to send emails and follow a case all the way from start to finish". Malin Barkdal, service owner at Coor, describes how it works with VisionFlow.

"My favorite feature is the search capabilities, and also that it is so easy to decide what should happen with a case at a certain point in time, for example in 3 days. It's smooth! And the possibility to send emails directly from the system is unbeatable!"

Several years ago, Coor made a comparison between different case management systems, and VisionFlow was the system that best lived up to their requirements and expectations.

We are very proud that Coor decided to use VisionFlow and happy that they have been a satisfied customer for many years. We value their feedback and appreciate our close relationship.

New team members needed

11th of June 2018

(The position is filled.) These guys and the rest of us are looking for several new colleagues! We need reinforcement in the Sales-, Support- and Development teams in Stockholm.  Are you, or someone you know, the one we are looking for? Do not hesitate to let us know! We collaborate with AcademicWork in these recruitments so please go to the respective profile on their web page to read more (in Swedish):

Junior Account Manager in Stockholm, Sweden >>

Junior Full Stack Developer in Stockholm, Sweden >>

Customer Success Coordinator in Stockholm, Sweden >>

Our development team is growing

15th of May 2018

Visionera is in an exciting expansive phase and we are now looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to our Stockholm-based team. We are looking for you who can work throughout the application stack but prefer the server side. In addition to being a true team member, you know all about agile development technology, have the ability to support other developers in the team, and who happily contribute with technical expertise. Read more about the position (in Swedish) and apply today: 

Senior Full Stack Developer in Stockholm, Sweden >>


5th of May 2017

Get in the flow and join our Afterwork the 31st of May. Excellent opportunity to mingle with super users of VisionFlow and to meet other interesting people. Click here for more information. 

Countdown - itSMF Expo 17!

15th of Mars 2017

Are you going to one of the best events for IT Service Management in Sweden, 5-6th of April? Come and meet us in the exhibition area and listen to our seminar about DevOps. As a sponsor, we offer reduced price to our customers. If you haven't signed up, give us a call. 


Merry Christmas!

19th of December 2016

Now it's only a few days left to Christmas eve and Santa's visit. Thank you for this year. We look forward to an exciting 2017 together with you! Like last year's Christmas, Visionera donates money to the UNHCR's important work for all the refugees in the world. We wish you a merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year! 


The "wow" with KCS

10th of November, 2016

"To have a place where we collect all sorts of questions and answers and knowledge articles facilitates my work enormously" Sara Elebro says, Support specialist at Visionera. Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is a methodology used by the support department at Visionera. KCS is about to capture, organize, reuse and improve knowledge as an integrated part of the support process. Sara tells us why KCS works so well and gives practical tips to consider when you want to work with the methodology. Read the interview here.



How SKF gets their global support to spin

2nd of November, 2016

Armin Saracevic is a project manager at the world's largest producer of bearings, SKF, a company that has driven industrialization forward for more than 100 years. Armin works at the department that supports all the systems related to internal and external communication. With around 40,000 employees around the world in different time zones you also need your support to be global. But how do you get the teamwork to flow with colleagues waking up when you are going home? Armin and his co-workers use VisionFlow. Read more how they streamlined their support with VisionFlow and how it changed many aspects for the team.



Welcome Johan!

14th of October, 2016

We are happy to have Visionera’s new Front End developer here. Johan Andersson who "loves one of the most misunderstood programming languages in the world, JavaScript" worked previously at the Swedish Pensions Agency. With focus on programming the graphical user interface and user experience he will contribute to make Visionera’s software products even more user-friendly. Johan bridges the world of design and technology. "I really like working with the front-end. To make software more beautiful and responsive is satisfying, as well as diving into programming." 


Polystar and the journey towards one system

5th of October, 2016

Polystar is a Swedish high-tech company that operates globally.  With focus on testing operators' networks and collecting data from networks they operate in a highly competitive industry. That requires consistency and order in all parts of the business. The Support Department at Polystar had a great demand for a smart case management system with effective follow-up and system support for project management. Read more how VisionFlow now is used at multiple departments and how they got traceability and financial control.


A new talent at Visionera

14th of September, 2016

Welcome Jimmy Ojanne, Visionera’s new Operations Manager! Jimmy will be responsible for our technical services and infrastructure, he will also support our customers with installation and configuration of our software products. With Jimmy in our team, we have a problem solver with strong knowledge in operations, networks and applications. Jimmy comes from TeleComputing where he worked with application operations. "Working with IT and technology has always been a matter of course. To thrive though, I need a combination of technology, problem solving and to feel close to our customers. And that is what I get at Visionera." We are glad to have you on board, Jimmy!


Stim and the digitalization

5th of July, 2016

"To operate a support department without a system support was not easy" says Robert Gehring, head of Stim Member, Publishing and Customer Service. Stim, the Swedish Copyrights Organization is an international society of songwriters and music publishers. They went from only using email for the support to implement VisionFlow. The ability to trace each issue and to quickly view trends related to issues in the system makes them now happy.  Read more how Stim keeps up with digitalization.

Supportkille 400x500

Improve your support with KCS

18th of May, 2016

Knowledge Centered Support ( KCS ) is a methodology to capture, organize, reuse and improve knowledge efficiently. How can KCS make your support more effective? Welcome to our breakfast seminar 9th of June in Stockholm and learn more about KCS. Sign up for the seminar today! Please note that the seminar will be held in Swedish.

Johan A 400x500


Our development team is expanding...

10th of May, 2016

...and our lead developer Johan Andersson is waiting for his new team member. If you have deep knowledge and loves front end development, keep on reading. As the client specialist you will have an important and central role in the company's success and you will be part of the Visionera team that has clients in over 50 countries and more than 5,000 users. At Visionera we have high goals and big hearts. With us you are always close to a decision and we always have great things going on. You will work at the office in Stockholm. Don't hesitate to apply here!


High five and welcome Sara!

7th of May, 2016

We have a new colleague, Sara Elebro. Sara is our new support specialist and technical writer and has a background in interaction design. She loves to figure out how to enhance the user experience which brought her to technical writing. She previously comes from Incit AB, a computer software for facility management, where she was head system administrator for the educational platform. Creating user manuals, testing and having an overall communicative grip of the system is in other words something we believe Sara will handle very well. “I’m thrilled to start working at such a passionate company with constant forward thinking. It fits my impatience to always strive for something even better. Visioneras way of working also fits perfectly with my idea of how to develop excellent software: Users first.”    



This is Kajsa. Would you like to be her colleague?

12th of March, 2016

We are looking for a network specialist that is passionate about operational and technical solutions. In this role you are responsible for customer implementation projects as well as for the operation of our cloud services. In your daily work, you work with dedicated developers and support engineers within the company. At Visionera we have high goals and big hearts. With us you are always close to a decision and we always have great things going on. Kajsa is a specialist within Support and Usability and would be one of your close colleagues. You will work at the office in Stockholm. Don't hesitate to apply here!


How about some knowledge about Knowledge Management?

10th of March, 2016

Welcome to an inspiring afternoon about Knowledge Management, 20th of April in Stockholm. Knowledge Management is now seen as an important strategic asset. The question is how we can transfer and share knowledge effectively between employees, teams and departments? What happens when information stays in an individual's personal email account and personal folders? Sign up for the seminars today! Please note that the seminars will be held in Swedish.


Time for Christmas!

22nd of December 2015

Christmas is approaching and we want to wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! This year we support people who need hope, security and help for survival. Visionera donates money to the UNHCR's important work for all the refugees in the world. Thank you for this year. We look forward to an exciting 2016 together with you!
PS. The support is open during the Christmas and New Year holidays.


Let us present...

1st of december, 2015

...our new Marketing Manager. Nadia Abouda has many years of experience in both marketing and the IT-industry. She comes from Atea, supplier of IT infrastructure, where she worked as a Marketing Project Manager with focus on software and cloud solutions. " I am very excited to start working at Visionera. I really like the team and the products. For example, VisionFlow, a software that suits any business and you can clearly see the improvements for an organisation. The ability to easy see improvements with IT is a key factor today as we are moving so fast forward. And that appeals me." Nadia will bring Visionera great knowledge and develop the communication to the market and stakeholders. Welcome!