Issue / Case tracking

Manage your issues easily

VisionFlow is a very flexible issue and task tracking software. It can be used to manage workflows and business processes efficiently and consistently in any organization. Issues arise and needs to be handled daily, some of these are scheduled and some are unplanned. VisionFlow helps you to manage, organize and communicate these issues efficiently so that your organization operates smoothly.


Such a variation

You can manage all kinds of issues in VisionFlow; tasks, bugs, requirements, support issues, enhancement requests, you name it. Since you can choose to create any kind of issues, you can also name set according to your own terminology. It is easy to configure VisionFlow to monitor your email accounts. Every email sent to your email account will end up as an issue in VisionFlow. 

Different views

In the Issues tab you can show your issues in different views; Table view, Gantt view, Kanban board or Calendar view. You can easily filter out and see any information you want by clicking the column or grouping the information and also exporting in the format that suits you best.