The “wow” with KCS


Hi Sara! You are a support specialist at Visionera. At the support department you are using the model for Knowledge Centered Support, KCS. What's the "wow" about KCS? 

Our support gets several different types of requests every day. To have a place where we collect all sorts of questions and answers and knowledge articles facilitates my work enormously. Structured data is easier to search, find and communicate. I search our knowledge base and simply don't need to reinvent the wheel when I find the answers to our customer's problems. With KCS our work is also less dependent on individuals and me and my colleagues can share the workload. And finally, our customers can find information themselves by searching through the self-service portal. All this adds up to that our customers get answers quicker and we work more efficient at the support department.

How do you keep the knowledge base up to date?

When we find an article that answers the question from the customer or solve the problem, we link the article to the issue. However, if an article is lacking any important information or needs to be improved, we update it before sharing. We regularly evaluate and improve the articles in the knowledge base. And if there is no article which solves the problem or answers the question, we create a new one as soon as the issue is solved. This means that articles which are not used or requested are phased out naturally over time. Working with articles are part of the problem solving process. 

Can you give three tips to bear in mind for others who want to use KCS?

  • Remember to search the knowledge base each time support receives an inquiry. Make it a habit, you will then more quickly get into the KCS process.
  • Keep in mind that the knowledge base is never completed and needs continuous improvement. It is important that everyone understands that, so the expectations are correct.
  • The core of KCS is about sharing knowledge within the organization and that no one should be a single source of knowledge. It is a continuous learning, collaboration, sharing and improving.

Quick facts

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), a methodology to capture, organize, reuse and improve knowledge as an integrated part of the support process. A knowledge base is created to gather the support organizations common experience.  The knowledge base is often connected to a self-service portal for customers.