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In an industry characterized by huge investments, strict environmental requirements and increased competition, access to efficient case management is crucial to success. You need to be efficient and proactive to meet these high standards and stand out in a tough market. With VisionFlow, you can not only streamline your operations but also create space for business development and innovation. VisionFlow is designed to help manage and prioritize cases in a smooth and agile way, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Selected modules and features for the energy sector

VisionFlow is a comprehensive platform for the energy industry, with customized modules that effectively manage different aspects of projects and workflows. Our system is versatile and adaptable to meet the specific needs of the energy industry. Whether you need to manage your assets, optimize customer support, or visualize your projects, VisionFlow is the ultimate platform for the energy industry.

For energy companies, it is crucial to have control over their assets, properties, products, and services. VisonFlow’s CMDB allows you to monitor and manage these resources. In addition, you can easily link cases and responsible persons to specific objects, creating a structured and efficient management of your business.

The visionFlow is an efficient business system for energy companies that includes advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) management. In VisionFlow, all modules and functions are integrated with each other, so key functions around CRM, contract management, and case management work seamlessly with SLA management and project management. By combining these modules and functions, companies can ensure smooth and efficient management of their service agreements, increasing customer satisfaction and enabling a more structured and efficient business process.


Create a common dashboard to get an overview of all cases and decide what data is most relevant to your business. At the same time, each user can have a personalized dashboard that gives them a more detailed overview of their assigned cases and tasks. In VisionFlow, dashboards and views are easy to create and customize with drag-and-drop widgets, allowing you to tailor them to your company’s unique needs. Whether you manage facilities, energy, or similar businesses, it’s easy to create the dashboard and views you want to get the smoothest overview and most efficient workflows possible. With our built-in map function, you can also easily manage work orders or tasks related to different products and services, as well as resource allocation.

Streamline knowledge management with VisionFlow. With our knowledge base, you can easily create, publish, collaborate, and manage knowledge articles and documents. Whether for internal or external use, our module gives you the tools to seamlessly manage information about your products, services, or assets. By using our module in combination with the support center module, you can publish knowledge articles for end users or customers. This is an important and useful feature for creating and managing technical documentation that is then easily accessible in the system. Knowledge articles can be easily linked for reuse or linked to relevant cases to create seamless documentation. VisionFlow’s search function makes it easy to find and suggest related knowledge articles for your cases. Make the knowledge base available to customers or end users by publishing it in the support center module. Give your team and users a centralized and easily accessible platform to get quick answers to their questions and increase productivity.

More modules and features

In the energy industry, it is important to have a number of features and modules that can help manage various projects, products and customer relationships effectively. Here are some features and aspects that are particularly relevant to the software industry:

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“We chose VisionFlow partly because it is so flexible, partly because you can work with so many different types of cases in the system and partly because there are so many different types of rights you can use.”

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