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VisionFlow isn’t just any case management system – it’s an innovative and customizable solution that gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters. With our solution, you can create workflows that are logical and efficient, providing peace of mind for both staff and patients. You can be sure that no work is duplicated and that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Security is something we take very seriously and VisionFlow is developed with high standards of data protection. We meet strict GDPR and Schrems II standards to ensure your data is protected and handled responsibly. This means that both you and your users can feel confident that your information is safe. With VisionFlow, you get not just a system but a partner to help you streamline operations, increase productivity, and protect your data.

Selected modules and features for the health sector

In healthcare, security, and control are paramount when it comes to sensitive patient information and critical workflows. VisionFlow modules can be customized and used to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector. Here are some ways in which VisionFlow can support security and case management in healthcare:

For healthcare companies, data protection and efficient case management are of utmost importance. Our system offers an integrated case management that focuses on GDPR rules and compliance. By using our platform, you can avoid insecure email communications and instead take advantage of our support center for secure and structured communication. This allows you to concentrate on your core healthcare business while ensuring compliance with the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


For healthcare organizations, accurate monitoring of statistics is essential to improve care and processes. VisionFlow offers clear and advanced features to track, analyze, compile, and present data, including SLA compliance, response times and burn-down charts. This gives you insights and the ability to continuously improve your healthcare service and efficiency.


Working in a structured way with all types of relationships requires being well-organized. For many companies, this is the first and perhaps the most important purpose of CRM. VisionFlow’s CRM module compiles all information about people and businesses (whether internal or external) and makes it easy to find the right information quickly and clearly. With VisionFlow’s CRM module, you can automate and streamline many customer-related processes. Instead of wasting time preparing mailings or scheduling reminders, your employees can focus on building good relationships with customers. 

This module enables you to use a simple web-based portal for patients, customers, suppliers, and employees. The support center enables you to use a powerful self-service portal (Single Point Of Contact) on your website that patients and employees can work with. The Support Center is a simplified web portal. Users of the support center have limited access to VisionFlow and can only access what you allow them to see. It can be used to easily communicate with employees/customers and suppliers. The Support Center also allows you to upload documents without having to send them over the Internet/by email, which is the most secure way to distribute important and sensitive documents. These documents can also be signed in the support center if needed. In addition, it is possible for the users of the support center to order and purchase products and services that you offer, if you wish, via a simplified web shop that is available in the module.

More modules and features

In healthcare, it is crucial to have access to specific features and modules to manage patient care, patient information and other related processes in an efficient and secure way. Here are some key features and modules that are particularly relevant to the healthcare industry:

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