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In the complex world of industrial companies, it is important to keep up with developments and be ready to face new challenges. Maintaining business continuity and strengthening resilience requires visibility and traceability of products and assets. This is where VisionFlow comes in. With VisionFlow, you can create a clear overview of your products, from concept and development to production and delivery. Every product and asset can be tracked in real time, providing insights and control over the entire supply chain. This means you can react quickly to changes and make informed decisions to optimize your business. VisionFlow is designed to be scalable and adaptable to your needs. You can tailor our platform to suit your specific business processes and goals.

Selected modules and features for industrial companies

VisionFlow is the comprehensive platform that offers customized modules and features to manage various aspects of industrial production projects and workflows. Our flexible and customizable solution is designed to meet the specific and unique needs of industrial production. Whether it’s effectively managing assets, optimizing customer support, or visualizing your industrial production projects, VisionFlow gives you the ultimate toolbox for success.

It is crucial for industrial companies to have control over their assets, properties, products and services. With the ability to monitor facilities, properties, products and services in a centralized manner, you create an efficient and structured work environment. The VisionFlow CMDB module allows you to monitor and manage all of these resources and easily link all objects to cases and responsible persons. This creates a structured and efficient management of the business. In addition, you can easily link cases and responsible persons to specific objects, which creates a structured and efficient management of your business.

For industrial companies, accurate monitoring of statistics is essential to improve operations, products, and processes. VisionFlow offers clear and advanced functions to follow, analyze, compile, and present data, including SLA compliance, response times, and burn-down charts. This gives you insights and the opportunity to continuously improve and streamline your entire business. By using VisionFlow’s reporting feature, you can quickly analyze and monitor key areas, allowing you to optimize operations and make data-driven decisions.


With VisionFlow, you optimize your sales and contract management in industry and IoT. By gathering customer accounts and contracts in one place, VisionFlow creates a smooth and efficient platform to facilitate sales for both new and existing customers. With our complete system, you can manage customer relationships and contracts in a smooth way, which provides increased efficiency and better customer service.

In industrial production, seamless and efficient customer communication is crucial, making VisionFlow the most optimal system to meet the needs. No matter how your customers choose to contact you, our primary goal is to provide quick responses and effective solutions. VisionFlow enables the smooth handling of support requests from different channels and creates a centralized case management system to increase your overall efficiency. We give you the tools to easily prioritize, track, and follow up on customer requests, all in one place. A complete overview of the entire communication flow makes it easier to deliver quick and accurate responses. VisionFlow also facilitates the seamless management of customer interactions across different communication channels, creating a coherent and unified customer experience for industrial companies.

More modules and features

In the industrial sector, it is important to have a number of features and tools that can help manage different projects, products, and customer relationships in an efficient way. Here are some features and aspects that are particularly relevant:

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“The big advantage of VisionFlow for us is that the system is so versatile and scalable. You can do so much in the system: everything from keeping track of all current and historical cases, keeping track of all our partners, SLAs and services, and all the projects we are involved in.

Mats, Application-specialist, Woody Bygghandel

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