VisionFlows various

Modules and functions

Pcicture showing VisionFlows case management

Case management

With VisionFlow’s case management, you get a system designed to help companies and organizations effectively manage and track all types of cases, case flows, issues and tasks. VisionFlow offers an intuitive platform that makes it possible to create, assign, track and prioritize cases in a structured and efficient way. With VisionFlow, you can easily create cases, and assign them to the right user or team. It is easy to follow the case in real-time. In addition, you can easily generate reports and analyses to see the performance and efficiency of the case management process. VisionFlow’s case management system aims to help companies increase efficiency, reduce errors, and simplify the case management process.

Workflows / Process support

Optimize and adapt your company’s workflows with VisionFlow – the dynamic tool that flexibly supports different frameworks and best practices. You can easily tailor your work processes and create an efficient environment that reflects how your organization works. Whether you follow ITIL to improve your IT service management, use agile methods for fast and flexible development, implement Lean to minimize waste or follow DevOps, ISO/IEC or SAFe standards, VisionFlow gives you the tools to successfully drive your business towards greater efficiency and successful project management.

Different workflows with VisionFlow
With Visionflow you'll be able to get all the inportant statistics

Reports & statistics

Visionflow gives you access to valuable reports directly in the system. Discover key insights quickly and act proactively to avoid potential bottlenecks before they become problems. With VisionFlow’s tools, you can customize your own criteria to identify and optimize areas of improvement.
Find relevant data using various reports and analytics. VisionFlow gives you the tools to make strategic decisions based on deep insights. Prevent unnecessary problems and keep your organization on track with the powerful analytics capabilities of VisionFlow.

Various portlets

With our personalized portlets and dashboards, you can improve your decision-making and streamline your analysis process. VisionFlow gives you an intuitive design and the ability to create a variety of visual representations, from clear lists and detailed graphs to structured tables and images. VisionFlow gives you full control over your data and the ability to visualize it in a way that suits your needs.

Different views avilable in VisionFlow
The dynamic chat in VisionFlow

Dynamic chats

Improve the customer experience with our chat support functionality and increase trust in your business. With our agile chat support, your team can quickly and easily handle all customer issues directly in the system, improving the overall experience for your customers. To increase efficiency, we have integrated a powerful push functionality that automatically updates real-time data and provides instant notifications of important events. This allows you to react quickly and flexibly to important events in real-time, which is crucial for smooth customer support.

Contract management

The Contract Management module gives you the tools you need to smoothly and efficiently manage all contracts in one place. With extended SLA management, you have the flexibility to use different SLAs for different customers and even customize them for specific products and services. With VisionFlow you can store important contract data, make notes directly in the contracts and send emails and text messages to relevant people directly from the contracts. In addition, our module allows you to store important documents and files that are directly linked to customers. Define different contract types, such as service contracts and purchase contracts, so that you have a clear structure of which contracts are active.

Hantera avtal enkelt med VisionFlows avtalshantering, Bilden visar en del av VisionFlows avtalshantering

More agile features

CRM – Salespipe

The VisionFlow CRM module allows you to improve the efficiency of your company’s CRM work. VisionFlow provides you with the necessary tools to easily and efficiently manage all your company’s customer interactions in one place. With our CRM module, you can keep track of all your customers, partners and other client companies in one centralized location. Categorize companies by customer type and get an overview of customer cases, activities and emails directly on the company card. Store important information about customers, including notes and documents, and create custom fields to manage personal data. Simplify contact and customer management with the ability to email businesses and link them to specific products and services. Advanced access management for companies and partners gives you control over who has access to what information. Linking contacts to companies and managing tickets/cases and activities on the usercard gives you a complete picture of your customer relationships. With VisionFlow’s CRM module, you not only get increased efficiency but also advanced reporting capabilities to analyze and understand your customers in depth. Connect your customer management with asset and service management for a comprehensive solution. In addition, you get access to VisionFlow’s Salespipe which makes it easier for a sales team to manage potential leads/sales opportunities through a custom board salespipe. 

Bilden visar hur CRN salespipen kan se ut i VisionFlow

Project and program management

Optimize your organization’s project management with VisionFlow’s powerful project tools – wherever you are. Our smartboards allow you to improve internal communication, while detailed overviews give you a real-time overview of ongoing projects. VisionFlow’s progressive project module gives you access to project management features like reports and statistics for clear project summaries and progress reports. We offer tools like dynamic Timeline/Gantt, Kanban, and planning boards for easy and efficient management of project activities. Control phases, iterations, milestones, and sprints with our project phase management. Our project module also includes financial functions through budget management and enables efficient resource allocation and staff management within the project.

Bilden visar hur en projektplanering ser ut i visionFlows system

Service Managmement / CMDB

Streamline the management of your IT services with VisionFlow. Our platform offers a centralized solution for your IT services, giving you a single view of all processes and assets. By applying agile methods, your organization becomes more adaptable and ready to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. With VisionFlow, you can deliver services faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. VisionFlow believes that a happy and engaged workforce is the key to success. That’s why our solution improves the employee experience through powerful case management and problem-solving tools.

Bilden visar hur det går att följa en karta av tjänster roch produkter i VisionFlows systemn

Support Center

VisionFlow Support Center provides a smooth and efficient communication channel for your customers and end users. With this module, you can easily implement a web-based self-service portal that allows your users to interact with your business effectively. The support center includes several features, including the ability to create simple forms on any website, which then generate tickets in the system when submitted. Users can create, manage, and track their own tickets, giving them greater control and autonomy. Share important information by publishing news, FAQs, documents, and files to your users and customers. The Support Center is an easy-to-use web portal with restricted access that ensures users only have access to the general project areas of VisionFlow. Use it as a helpdesk, customer support, or service organization to provide first-class support and a clear communication channel with your customers and individuals.

bilden visar visionFlows supportcenter och chatbot

Knowledge base

Streamline knowledge management with VisionFlow. With our knowledge base, you can easily create, publish, collaborate, and manage knowledge articles and documents. Whether for internal or external use, our module gives you the tools to seamlessly manage information about your products, services, additional information, FAQs or assets. By using our module in combination with the support center module, you can publish knowledge articles for end users or customers. This is an important and useful feature for creating and managing technical documentation but also other things such as regular FAQs that is then easily accessible in the system. Knowledge articles can be easily linked for reuse or linked to relevant cases to create seamless documentation. VisionFlow’s search function makes it easy to find and suggest related knowledge articles for your cases. Make the knowledge base available to customers or end users by publishing it in the support center module. Give your team and users a centralized and easily accessible platform to get quick answers to their questions and increase productivity.

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Document management

With VisionFlow, you optimize your document management with a complete solution to gather all your important documents in one place. Our powerful system makes it easier than ever to collaborate, access, and share information and eliminates the need for complicated folder structures. With customizable workflows and automation, you’ll increase efficiency and reduce the risk of mistakes. With our document management, you can easily upload multiple versions without losing older data. Update documents with newer versions while retaining access to older versions for smooth document flow management. Facilitate the search process with our advanced document indexing and search functionality. With VisionFlow, you can efficiently review the entire system and find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s cases or important documents. With our built-in PDF Viewer, you can now open, edit and save your documents seamlessly, streamlining collaboration and enabling a seamless workflow without interruption.

Bilden visar hur dokumenthanteringen är strukturerad i VisionFlow

Signing feature

VisionFlow offers a smooth and easy path to document management and contract signing! Avoid the hassle of insecure email transfers – now you can easily and securely sign documents, contracts, and other important files directly in VisionFlow. Our platform offers a secure solution to protect your business agreements and collaborations through an encrypted connection, ensuring the integrity of your valuable documents.

bilden visar hur det smidigt går att signera kontrakt direkt ur VisionFlows system