Cloud version or installed version?

VisionFlow is available as both a cloud version and as installed version.

Cloud version

The hosted cloud solution of VisionFlow is for you who want all the technology to work without you having to set aside resources for operation and upgrades. You will automatically receive all improvements to the system as soon as a new release is released and you have guaranteed uptime. A safe alternative that is clearly our customers’ most popular choice!

We have a systematic and structured strategy for the operation and management of services to ensure that sensitive information remains secure in our cloud solution. This is based on ITIL, which is a well-known framework that includes people, processes and IT systems. Our security policy is adapted to the ISO / IEC 27001 information security standard and security controls recommended in the ISO 27002 guidelines for best practice.

The hosted cloud solution of VisionFlow is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. VisionFlow has very high security. Our goal is for your data to be much more secure on our servers than in your own company or in your own home.

If you are unsure, our advice is that you start with the hosted cloud solution as you can always convert from this to an installed version if you later see a need (cost will be added for export of data).

Installed version

The installed version is for you who for various reasons wish to operate the system internally on your own servers.

Essentially, the two versions of the system are identical in terms of functionality, but there are some minor differences where the installed solution gives you more options:

Full access to the database (MSSQL server or MySQL) to be used for reporting, BI or other purposes.
Full branding features are included in the price, no separate module needs to be purchased.
Possibility to configure the server yourself, for example specify which SMTP server you want to use
You can make minor changes to the design.
Possibility to override the standard terminology in resource files in i8n.
It is possible for you to extend the system in certain areas with the help of extension hooks, which is good for integration with other systems (outgoing calls from the system).
Full MS Exchange integration is available with 2-way calendar meetings and availability.

The pricing of the VisionFlows cloud solution is based on the number of users (support users are free) and on which modules you choose (see package comparison). You add and remove users yourself without cumbersome orders. You have the opportunity to pay annually in advance or in arrears every month. Basic support is included, but if necessary, it is possible to order additional support and services. 

The price of the installed solution is based on the number of users / licenses (support users are free) and on which modules you choose (see package comparison). For the installed version, a start-up fee is also added upon introduction. Basic support and access to new releases are included in the first year and the following year a fee of 20% of the license cost will be added. If necessary, it is possible to order additional support and services.

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