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fr. €22

Base module €22
Group calendar
Issue tracking
Reports and statistics
Users & permissions
Project management €4,6
Reports and statistics
Dynamic timeline, Gantt, Kanban & Planning boards
Financial capacity
Phase / Iteration / Milestones
Project tracking
Resource allocation & resource management
Project templates
Email and issue tracking system €4,6
Email notifications
Scheduled reports
Email ticketing
Support center €3,5
Issue tracking for customers and end users
Discussion forum
Idea management and administration
Portal for self-service
Knowledge base €2,3
Internal / External
Rate articles
Company profiling €5,8
Color scheme
Hide the link to VisionFlow
Redirect your domain to our servers - SAAS
Replace the VisionFlow logo with your own logo
Use your domain name in links in outgoing email
Product / asset inventory €3,5
Manage different SLAs for different customers and services
Create relationships between objects
Store files and information directly against the objects
See objects and relationships in a graph
Configuration management database (CMDB)
Product tree
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) €4,6
Issue tracking
Connection to the Asset Management module
Link documents directly to customer cards
Contact person management
Advanced access management for external parties
Contract management
Customer and company management
Real-time support chat €3,5
Online support chat in real time
Push functionality (updates data automatically in the client)
Corporate chat €2,3
Complete logging and traceability
Push functionality (updates data automatically in the client)
Corporate chat for everyone in an organization
Dynamic chats
Case chat
Chat between users

* Prices are per user and month. Invoiced annually.