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190 SEK


350 SEK


490 SEK


fr 190 SEK

Base module 190 SEK
Group calendar
Issue tracking
Reports and statistics
Users & permissions
Project management 40 SEK
Reports and statistics
Dynamic timeline, Gantt, Kanban & Planning boards
Financial capacity
Phase / Iteration / Milestones
Project tracking
Resource allocation & resource management
Project templates
Email and issue tracking system 40 SEK
Email notification
Scheduled reports
Issue tracking
Support center 30 SEK
Issue tracking for customers and end users
Discussion forum
Idea management and administration
Portal for self-service
Knowledge base 20 SEK
Internal / External
Rate articles
Company profiling 50 SEK
Color scheme
Hide the link to VisionFlow
Redirect your domain to our servers - SAAS
Replace the VisionFlow logo with your own logo
Use your domain name in links in outgoing email
Product / asset inventory 30 SEK
Manage different SLAs for different customers and services
Create relationships between objects
Store files and information directly against the objects
See objects and relationships in a graph
Configuration management database (CMDB)
Product tree
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 40 SEK
Issue tracking
Connection to the Asset Management module
Link documents directly to customer cards
Contact person management
Advanced access management for external parties
Contract management
Customer and company management
Real-time support chat 30 SEK
Online support chat in real time
Push functionality (updates data automatically in the client)
Corporate chat 20 SEK
Complete logging and traceability
Push functionality (updates data automatically in the client)
Corporate chat for everyone in an organization
Dynamic chats
Case chat
Chat between users

* Prices are per user and month. Invoiced annually.