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190 20 23 Per user per month Billed annually

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350 35 41 Per user per month Billed annually

Go medium for teams focused on support.

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490 49 58 Per user per month Billed annually

Maximize your flow within the entire organization.

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fr. 190 fr. 20 fr. 23 Per user per month Billed annually

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Modules: SSmall MMedium LLarge PPick and Choose
Base module 1901923
Issue and case tracking
PM reports and statistics
Users and permissions
Group calendar
Project Management 4045.5
PM reports and statistics
Financial capabilities
Resource allocation/management
Project tracking
Template projects
Dynamic Timeline/Gantt, Kanban and Planning boards
Phase/Iteration/Milestone management
Email ticket system 4045.5
Email notifications
Ticket system
Scheduled reports
Support center 3034
Self-service portal
Issue tracking for customers and end-users
Discussion forum
Idea management
Knowledge base 2023
Rating of articles
Internal / External
Corporate branding 5057
Replace the VisionFlow logotype with your own
Hide the VisionFlow URL
Redirect your domain to our servers (hosted/SAAS version)
Use your domain name in links in outgoing emails
Change color schemes
Product/Asset/Inventory 3034
Product tree
Configuration management database (CMDB)
View items/relationships as graph
Manage different SLA's for different customers and services
Store files and any information/data on the items
Setup relationships between items
CRM 4045.5
Issue and case tracking
Customer/company management
Contact person management
Contact documents/files links
Contract/agreement management
Connection to the asset management module
Advanced company/partner access management
Live support chat 3034
Online live support chat
Push functionality (reloads data automatically in your client)
Enterprise chat 2023
Push functionality (reloads data automatically in your client)
Company/account chat for everyone on your company
Dynamic chat rooms
User to user chat
Complete logging and traceability

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users have different modules?

No. All normal users (i.e. not support users, see question below) have to pay for and use the same modules.

Do you offer different support levels?

For VisionFlow we have a few levels where basic support is free for all our customers. View our different support levels.

Where can I view the terms of use?

Terms of use for the hosted version of VisionFlow.

Terms of use for the installed version of VisionFlow.

Is there an installed version?

Yes we both supply a hosted/cloud version and an installable server version.

With the installable server version you can run VisionFlow on a server of your own, such as in your own data center. The license fee is based on a company license, the number of user licenses (minimum of 10 user licenses) and what modules you need.

To get a correct price quote for the number of user licenses and modules that you need, please contact us at

When and how do I pay?

Monthy payments are standard and you are billed monthly in arrears by default if you use the hosted version, i.e. after you use VisionFlow. You will receive your first invoice in the end of the month you activated your account. The invoice will be based on the maximum number of active users in your account during the month. This means that you can add and remove (activating/inactivating) users in your account and you have complete control over your monthly costs.

All invoices can be paid securely inside VisionFlow using Visa/MasterCard for your convenience.

Can I have longer billing periods?

For longer billing periods such as 6/12/24 months we require pre-payment. To pre-pay, please let us know the time period you want to pre-pay for and the number of users you want to tie up during the time-period.

For 12 months or more we also offer you a discount on the number of users you tie up/pre-pay for. If the number of users in you account later exceeds the number of users you have pre-paid for, then you will be charged the normal price for these users. This will be adjusted on the next invoice. You can only adjust the number of users that you pre-pay for after each billing period.

Do you charge for support center users?

No, all users of the type Support user can use the support center free of charge.

A support center is a light-weight simplified web portal that you can use to communicate with users/individuals that don't have access to your whole account. Other names for support users can be clients, customers or end-users and since these users only have a limited view of the system they don't need a user license and can use the system completely for free.

Is there a free version of VisionFlow?

Visionera AB supports those that support our communities and are giving away accounts for our hosted VisionFlow service for charitable organizations. Read more in our Knowledge Base on how you can obtain such a license.

For other non-profit/not-for-profit or educational organizations and the like, we give generous discounts. Please contact us at for a quote.

Is VisionFlow available in other languages than English?

Yes! VisionFlow is currently available in: English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Polish, Danish and Dutch.

Please contact us if you are interested in any other language.