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In the facility management industry, time and resource efficiency is crucial. Every day you have to deal with a variety of documents, including offers, contracts and other important documents. Trying to keep track of everything in different systems and paper archives can be a time-consuming and messy process. VisionFlow offers a platform designed to seamlessly integrate into your business. With its customizable modules, you can create a work environment that fits your specific needs perfectly. You won’t have to waste time working in multiple systems, leading to increased efficiency and reduced risk of errors. In addition, VisionFlow offers simple and automated document management. This means you can store, organize and search for important documents in one place. No more searching through paper archives or different digital systems. VisionFlow simplifies the management of quotes, contracts and other documents, saving time and energy. In the real estate industry, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and efficiently. With VisionFlow, you can focus on your own business instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. By optimizing document management and simplifying workflows, you will become more competitive and offer better service to your customers.

Selected modules and features for the facility management industry

VisionFlow is a comprehensive platform for the facility management industry, with modules that effectively manage different parts of cases, activities, projects, and workflows. VisionFlow is versatile and customizable to meet the specific needs of the facility management industry. Whether you need to manage customers, suppliers, and assets, optimize customer support, or visualize projects, VisionFlow is the ultimate platform for you.

In the facility industry, effective customer service is crucial, and with VisionFlow you get the integrated case management that takes service to new levels. We not only simplify the internal division of labor but also offer external support. With VisionFlow, you get not only the modules and functions to manage all types of cases but also a platform to optimize and streamline work processes. VisionFlow not only facilitates the internal division of labor but also helps you take care of your cases. By creating a close dialog with full traceability from the initial case and throughout every step of the case process, VisionFlow ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. With our work order management features and modules, you can plan and manage all tasks efficiently.

With VisionFlow’s CMDB module, you fully optimize your business. With the ability to monitor facilities, properties, products, and services in a centralized way, you create an efficient and structured work environment. For facility management companies, it is crucial to have control over all their assets. VisionFlow CMDB allows you to monitor and manage all of these resources and easily link all objects to cases and responsible persons. This creates a structured and efficient management of the business. With customer service via case management, VisionFlow helps you distribute the work internally while providing the best possible support internally and externally. With the help of close dialog and full traceability from first contact to a finished case, you can be sure of a high level of customer satisfaction. By planning and organizing the work smoothly using VisionFlow’s work orders, you can streamline and tailor your internal and external processes.

Working in a structured way with all types of relationships requires being well-organized. For many companies, this is the first and perhaps the most important purpose of CRM. VisionFlow’s CRM module compiles all information about people and businesses (whether internal or external) and makes it easy to find the right information quickly and clearly. With VisionFlow’s CRM module, you can automate and streamline many customer-related processes. By gathering customer information and customer accounts and agreements in one place, VisionFlow creates a smooth and efficient platform to facilitate sales to both new and existing customers. The CRM module also collects information about suppliers, employees, and other interest groups that it is good and important to keep track of, and with whom you have dialogues. Keeping track of all contacts is important, preferably in one place, which makes the work more efficient and fully traceable. When all contacts and information are gathered in the same system, the risk of things falling through the cracks is minimized. VisionFlow’s seamless system automatically connects customers with cases and everything else in the system if desired.

Create a shared dashboard to visualize all cases and activities to get a quick overview of how the work is progressing. Decide for yourself what data is important for you to include on the dashboard and work with. All users also have a personal dashboard where they can get a more specific overview of their work and which cases they have been assigned. Our dashboards are customizable with drag-and-drop widgets. All information in the system can be visualized in dashboards, and you decide what information you want and how it should be presented. It is possible to create several different dashboards that show different areas, departments, and activities – depending on the authorization you have in the system. With VisionFlow’s map function, you can see your cases on a map for a more efficient work process.

More modules and features

In the facility management industry, it is important to have several features that can help manage various projects, products, and customer relationships effectively. Here are some features and modules that are particularly relevant:

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