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Welcome to an everyday life where the business is controlled by a smart and efficient system and where the employees, your most valuable resources, are in focus. In the service sector, the employees’ contribution is crucial and with VisionFlow you take a big step towards simplifying and optimizing their working day. With VisionFlow, you get world-class customer service. Our sophisticated and professional solution gives you the tools to deliver first-class service to your customers while creating a work environment that promotes productivity and efficiency.

Selected modules and features for service companies

In service companies, employees are the most valuable resource. So it’s crucial to simplify and optimize their workday so they can deliver top-notch customer service. With VisionFlow, you have the key to achieving just that. VisionFlow is not a system, but a strategic partner to help maximize your employees’ potential. By using VisionFlow, you can provide world-class customer service. You have the tools to manage cases and tasks quickly and efficiently, resulting in satisfied customers and increased customer loyalty. In addition, you can monitor and measure your service quality to constantly strive for improvement.

VisionFlow is a smart and efficient system that frees up time and resources so your customers can make the most of your services.

Streamline your business with VisionFlow’s case management, by receiving and distributing all activities in a structured way, you can ensure smooth workflows and avoid misunderstandings between different departments. VisionFlow’s case management gives you full traceability, eliminating the risk of communication errors and ensuring that every single activity is correctly tracked. Increase productivity and collaboration at your company with VisionFlow’s case management and take control of your work processes effectively.

With VisionFlow’s knowledgebase, you can optimize your organization’s expertise and ensure that everyone has access to relevant information and practices. With our platform, you can smoothly disseminate and provide knowledge throughout your organization. With VisionFlow’s knowledgebase, you create a centralized and easily accessible platform to share and access essential information. This ensures that teams have access to best practices and essential knowledge to optimize their services.

With VisionFlow, you optimize your sales and contract management by gathering customer accounts and contracts in one place. VisionFlow is a flexible and efficient platform that facilitates sales for both new and existing customers. With our complete system, you can manage customer relationships and contracts in a smooth way, resulting in increased efficiency and better customer service.


With the VisionFlow Support Center module, you get a smooth and efficient contact channel to your customers and end users. The support center has several features, including the ability to create custom forms on your website. These forms automatically create cases in VisionFlow when they are submitted. Users can create, manage and track their tickets themselves, giving them greater control over their requirements and requests. Share important information by publishing news, FAQs, documents and files to users and customers. The support center acts as a simple web portal where you can set parameters for what users can and cannot access, ensuring that users only have access to relevant information. Use it as a helpdesk, customer support or service organization to provide your users with quick and easy support.


More modules and features

In service businesses, it is important to have a number of features and tools that can help manage different projects, products and customer relationships effectively. Here are some features and aspects that are particularly relevant:

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