Contract Management

Manage, organize and communicate contracts efficiently

VisionFlow is the perfect tool for managing agreements and contracts in all types of industries and companies. The system helps you to manage, organize and communicate contracts efficiently. That way, your organization will function smoothly while you never miss any important contract dates.

What is Contract Management?

Contract management is the process of managing the various contracts or agreements that companies have. The process covers the entire contract lifecycle, from before to after signing, and includes renewal, renegotiation, enforcement, compliance, archiving and storage of contracts. Contract management is important for many reasons. It helps reduce risks and costs, assists in making informed decisions and increases the efficiency of organizations.

Why contract management with VisionFlow

Safe and secure

Streamline by having all contracts in one place. Avoid lost documents and instead experience VisionFlow’s solution with the associated documents and information linked to the contract.


Manage contracts

VisionFlow allows you to seamlessly manage all types of contracts. You can create, edit, send, sign and collect all your contracts in one place. Plus, you get updates when important contracts are about to expire.

Customize contracts

Enter important information – such as customer, start and end dates, specific products covered by the contract and whether an SLA will be used. Set up billing information.

Never miss a contract deadline

By keeping your contracts organized, you’ll never miss an important contract date. Use the group calendar to remind you of important dates for individual contracts.

General overview

Use the contract overview for each company to easily get an overview of customers and partners. You can also easily add a new contract to the company when needed.


Document management

VisionFlow also allows you to manage all important documents. If you need a document for a contract, everything is in one place.

Everything needed to effectively manage contracts


Complete overview

Follow the customer in every detail, see what changes have been made and by whom. Get all important information in one click and build strong relationships. By having full traceability with the customer card, you can easily see all contracts that exist with a customer or organization and easily update, store or sign contracts.

Group calender

Never forget important dates

With VisionFlow’s group calendar, you can set important reminders for your entire team so nothing falls through the cracks. In addition, you can easily add meetings or other important activities directly to the calendar view so you can organize all events as smoothly as possible.


Navigate contracts and customers easily.

Access customers’ related documents, cases, and full communication history for more efficient contract management. With VisionFlow, you can quickly and easily access all customer data in a single view.

Features for contract management



Save shared documents, configure access for different user groups and see the history of each document you have added.


This enables you to keep track of all your contracts closing in on their due date. By showing them as events in the calendar they’ll be harder to miss.


SLA management

Ensure you are delivering service as per your set up SLAs. Such as responding within 2 days, or solving incidents within 24 hours.

Email integration

The email integration makes it possible for you to configure a project to create and add details to tasks based on incoming emails.

Issue management

Subscribe to issue events, use tags, change owner and/or department, private and public communication – all this and more in one view.



See all changes that have been made over time on a contract. You’ll be able to see what changes have been done, by who and at what time.

Service catalogue

Set up a service catalogue where your customers can pick and choose from your available services and products. Quick and easy for everyone.


The customizable dashboard will be your landing page when you log on. Here you’ll get a complete overview and be able to organize your tasks.


Incident management

Handle incidents quickly by ensuring the incident is assigned to the appropriate team or person. Keep track of how the work progresses.


Asset management

With a powerful CMDB you’ll be able to structure and keep track of all your products, services, documents and assets.


Customizable fields

Do you need specific or customized fields on your contracts? In VisionFlow you can create them just as you want them.


Billing information

State the billing information on each of the contracts such as notice, billing period, amount as well as the currency that is being used.

“We have been very happy with the system, and best of all is the ease of use. That it is so simple and easy […]”

Erik Sandström, Senior System Specialist at Polystar

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