When and how do I pay?

Monthly payments are standard and you are invoiced monthly in arrears with the cloud-based solution by VisionFlow. The first invoice will arrive at the end of the month you activated your account. The invoice will be based on the maximum number of active users in your account during the month. This means you can add and remove users to your account and have complete control over your monthly expenses.

All invoices can be easily and securely paid with Visa or Mastercard inside the system.

Can I get longer billing periods?

For longer invoicing periods such as 6, 12 or 24 months, payment is made in advance. Please let us know the time period you want to pay for and the number of users you want to tie up during the time period.

For 12 months or more, we also offer a discount on the number of users that you tie up and pay in advance for. If the number of users in your account later exceeds the number of users you paid for, you will be charged the normal price for those users. This is adjusted on the next invoice. You can adjust the number of users you pay for in advance after each billing period.

Where can I see the terms of use?
Can users have different modules?

No, all users (but not support users, see question below) must pay for and use the same modules.

Do you offer different levels of support?

For VisionFlow, we have different levels of support. Basic support is free for all our customers. Read more about our support levels.

Is there an installed version?

Yes, we deliver both cloud-based and installed server versions.

With the server version installed, you have VisionFlow on your own server, for example in your own data center. The license fee is based on a company license, the number of user licenses (at least 15 user licenses) and which modules you need.

To get a correct price information contact us at sales@visionflow.com.

Is VisionFlow available in languages other than Swedish?

Yes, VisionFlow is currently available in English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Polish, Danish and Dutch. Contact us if you are interested in another language.

Do I need to pay for Support Center users?

No, all “Support users” can use the support center for free.

A support center is a simplified web portal that you can use to communicate with people who do not have access to the entire account. For example for clients, customers or end users who do not need their own user license.

Is there a free version of VisionFlow?

Visionera AB supports certain charities and offers a free version of VisionFlow. Read more in our knowledge base how you who work in charity can get such a license.

For other non-profit / non-profit or educational organizations and the like, we give generous discounts. Contact us at sales@visionflow.com for a quote.

Still no answer to your question?

Please contact us with your question and we’ll get back to you soon!