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Lifecycle Management often requires a high pace, great innovative power and the ability to take advantage of new opportunities. To succeed, you need an efficient system when developing applications or products.

What is Product development?

Product development is a process involving the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of new goods or new services. Product development covers the entire journey of a product – from the initial idea to its release to the market.

The goal of product development is to address, maintain and increase a company’s market share by meeting customer demand. Not all products will attract all customers or client groups, so defining the target market for a product is a critical step that must be done early in the product development process. Organizations should conduct quantitative market research at all stages of the design process, including before the product or service is designed, while the product is being designed, and after the product is launched.

Although product development is a creative process, it requires a systematized approach to managing the processes needed to bring new products to market. The VisionFlow framework supports the development of a new product or service. The framework helps to structure the actual product development.

Product development with VisionFlow

Coherent systems

To keep up the pace of product development, we offer a coherent system that supports and streamlines your performance while providing great value to your customers.

One place for everyone

Let VisionFlow bring the whole organization together and help deliver an efficient and good product to your customers. It becomes even easier for exchange with the help of the internal chat and clear history of all cases.

A full lifecycle platform

VisionFlow covers all key areas such as project management, product and release planning, requirements management, case management, troubleshooting, test management, change and version management – and more.

Monitoring and reporting functions

With VisionFlow you can manage all types of cases: support issues, bugs, requirements, improvement requests – and much more. You set up your ticket types with the information that is important for your work.

Knowledge base

VisionFlow is also equipped with an extensive knowledge base where customers can find valuable information in the form of detailed solution articles and other tools. This helps to reduce the number of tickets and thus the need to contact customer support.

Integrate with GIT

Integrating VisionFlow with GIT makes it easy to keep track of all changes and progress for each product case and the project as a whole.


Sometimes the tasks are straightforward, sometimes more complex

With VisionFlow, you can streamline your work by dividing large tasks into main and subtasks. You can easily create template cases with multiple sub-cases already defined. You choose whether or not the subtasks need to be completed in order. With sub-cases, you can also manage the cases simultaneously. No more manual double work!

Features for product development



You can use the Kanban view to get a good overview of where each task is in your process. Filter on sprint, developer, tags and more.

Knowledge base

Allow your users to browse through your documentation in the Knowledge base, while still keeping internal documents private.


SLA management

Ensure you are delivering service as per your set up SLAs. Such as responding within 2 days, or solving incidents within 24 hours.


Problem management with KEDB

Get a better overview of your known errors. You can easily run reports or use the filtering functionality.

Issue management

Subscribe to issue events, use tags, change owner and/or department, private and public communication – all this and more in one view.

Issue planning

Set up recurring issues and meetings. Add contract due dates and reminders to ensure no task is forgotten or not handled on time.

Service catalogue

Set up a service catalogue where your customers can pick and choose from your available services and products. Quick and easy for everyone.


The customizable dashboard will be your landing page when you log on. Here you’ll get a complete overview and be able to organize your tasks.


Incident management

Handle incidents quickly by ensuring the incident is assigned to the appropriate team or person. Keep track of how the work progresses.


Asset management

With a powerful CMDB you’ll be able to structure and keep track of all your products, services, documents and assets.


Work logs

Keep track of how much time has been spent on each task. Work logs can also be configured to sum billable time which will simplify your billing.


Sprint management

If you’re working with sprints, the planning view with its overview functionality will make it easier for you to plan the next sprint.

“The traceability of VisionFlow is very good, we get a clear and detailed picture of how customer flows are linked from quotation to delivery project and development. […] The system is highly critical for our business.”

Erik Sandström, Senior System Specialist at Polystar

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