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Supports your entire business
VisionFlow is a powerful system that handles all types of customers and contacts in one place throughout your organization. With our system, you can easily handle everything from large ongoing projects to fast ad hoc-solutions in all your departments.

Easy to share information and knowledge

Some of the most important functions in VisionFlow are the flexible activity and event management, the possibility of mass mailings via e-mail, CRM and contract management.

Issues are created directly in VisionFlow

An incoming email will directly create a issue in VisionFlow. The issues are configured so that the information you think is important is registered on the issue and that the issue ends up with the right person or team.

Adapted to you

VisionFlow can easily be adapted to each company’s unique way of working, such as sales, HR, management, application development, operations and support.

Full control of the issues status and handling

Let your teams and / or departments share knowledge and information about customers, quotes and service agreements – all in one place.

Keep track of issues throughout the chain

VisionFlow makes it possible to be aware of all the issues throughout the chain, regardless of who or which department is currently handling the issue. This also makes it easy to quickly capture issues that have stopped.

Follow issues with the help of a Kanban board, or a simpler list view, for better situation control.

“VisionFlow seizes the entire organization, does not forget anything and coordinates all activities in the right order”

Henrik Karlsson, System owner for VisionFlow on Wexnet

Organize VisionFlow as it suits you

Other features in VisionFlow that may be of interest to you

Issue tracking

Manage, organize and communicate matters efficiently


Manage all customer interactions in one place


A powerful tool to support the entire support chain

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