Industry solutions that suit everyone.

Vi vet att varje bransch är unik, och därför har vi utvecklat en flexibel plattform som kan möta alla de krav och unika målsättningar som just din organisation strävar efter. VisionFlows fungerar utmärkt oavsett storleken och de förutsättningar din organisation befinner sig i, det innovativa systemet används flitigt inom både den offentliga och privata sektorn.

Choose the industry solution that suits you


By using several different components that work together, VisionFlow offers a complete solution for project managers, customers and developers.

Industry and IoT

In a world where businesses and working methods are constantly changing, business continuity and resilience are essential for success. To succeed, you need visibility and traceability of your products and assets.


VisionFlow adapts the system to your processes and not the other way around, which means more logical and efficient working methods that create security for both employees and patients.

Facility Management

VisionFlow offers complete end-to-end solutions for real estate and construction services companies that can also be adapted as new needs arise.

Industrial Products

In a service company, the most valuable resource is usually the employees. With a smart and efficient system that covers most things, you will come a long way in your journey to simplify your employees’ everyday lives.

Energy and recycling

Conquer new horizons with tailor-made system solutions for power trading, energy and waste management. Turn system solutions into a competitive advantage.

Why VisionFlow?

VisionFlow offers a variety of features that help simplify and improve workflows so that your organization can grow and develop. Whether you need a solution for case management, CRM, customer support & helpdesk, or service management, VisionFlow is the right tool for you.
What’s more, the system is easy to use with an intuitive interface and flexible features so that all employees can work efficiently.

One of the biggest advantages of VisionFlow is its flexibility, whether you are a small business or a large organization, the platform can be adapted to your needs. We offer scalable solutions that can grow with your organization and can be adapted to meet the demands of your industry.
In addition, we offer the best support in the industry. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and any questions that may arise. We also have an extensive knowledge base with user information and tutorials to facilitate.

What do our customers say about VisionFlow solutions?

“You can do so much in the system: from keeping track of all current and historical cases to keeping track of all our partners, SLAs and services, and all the projects we are involved in.”

“We get a reliable financial control on which we are fully dependent. The system is highly critical to our business.”

“Support users today have higher demands for insight and transparency, they want to know what is happening with their cases. […] VisionFlow meets our requirements and more.”

“It’s easy to work with, quick to get started and good for further work. A very good tool for us.”

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