Inventory Management

Create a
powerful CMDB with VisionFlow

With VisionFlow you can build a complete database with all inventories of your products, hardware and / or software. Link assets to issues, problems and changes as well as agreements and suppliers. You get a powerful Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) that can be connected to most tools for scanning, importing and collecting data.

What is inventory management?

Organizations have to manage an increasing number of digital services, both related to IT operations and other business areas. The service catalogue or CMBD is the function that manages the service lifecycle. Understanding how different services relate to each other and documenting the ownership of services and business areas is essential to managing changes in service provision without disruption.

Inventory management with Visionflow


Extensive inventory register

With VisionFlow, you get a system that manages all types of inventory within your organization. The inventory register or CMDB is easy to administer and can grow according to your needs. Everything becomes clear!

Build your database

The product tree is a database containing all your products, applications and assets that provides a good and clear overview and navigation of your products.

Define, categorize and manage

A product tree allows you to define, categorize and manage information about your services, components, products, configuration items (CI) and other assets in your organization.

Configure your own terminology

Do you use a different terminology than that normally used for inventory management? No problem. You can easily change the terminology to suit your organization and make your work easier.

Structure and adapt

The service catalogue provides a structured and flexible way to organize and present products and services. The service catalogue is flexible and easy to manage, allowing customers to build a service catalogue that reflects their industry without consulting efforts.


Automating routine tasks and creating reminders to improve efficiency and give customers quick answers without the risk of something falling through the cracks.


The product tree contains all the links

In VisionFlow, the register visualizes smoothly in a searchable product tree. The information about each entity is structured in a tab system that makes it easy to distinguish information of different nature. You can easily link products and assets to cases, documents, contracts, knowledgebase articles, users and various templates already defined in the system and used elsewhere. No manual double work with VisionFlow.

Features for asset inventory


Export all the data you want from CMDB to a number of different formats such as .xls, .csv, .xml or .rtf. Export all fields or just a few.


Project customization

You can map products and services to specific projects to ensure only these projects will have access to the data.


SLA management

Ensure you are delivering service as per your set up SLAs. Such as responding within 2 days, or solving incidents within 24 hours.

Email integration

The email integration makes it possible for you to configure a project to create and add details to tasks based on incoming emails.

Issue management

Subscribe to issue events, use tags, change owner and/or department, private and public communication – all this and more in one view.

Knowledge base

Allow your users to browse your documentation in the Knowledge base, while still keeping internal documents private.

Service catalogue

Set up a service catalogue where your customers can pick and choose from your available services and products. Quick and easy for everyone.


You can import your pre-existing product and/or service data into the CMDB. Simply import, for example, an .xls file.



Assign relevant statuses to your products and services. Later you can filtrate on these statuses when you need an overview.


Asset management

With a powerful CMDB you’ll be able to structure and keep track of all your products, services, documents and assets.


Multi channel communication

Issues in VisionFlow can be created from incoming emails, SMS, forms on a website, phone or manually.


Problem management with KEDB

Get a better overview of your known errors. You can easily run reports or use the filtering functionality.

“The best feature of VisionFlow is the directory that is central to us in our business.”

Henrik Karlsson, System Owner for VisionFlow on Wexnet 

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